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Employee Exit Survey

Currently there is a staff retention problem within the childcare industry and knowing exactly why your staff members are leaving could give you some really valuable insight into areas that may need improving.

It may be that the induction process was rushed, and they feel they were thrown in at the deep end with lead weights attached to their ankles, it be that they don’t feel valued or feel there is no chance of career progression. Whatever the reason, in order for you to retain your best staff it is fundamental that you understand what the issues are.

An Employee Exit Survey will give you actionable insight and maybe fresh perspective of why your team is seeking employment elsewhere. MCW Nursery Support Services Surveys can create you a professional, bespoke survey, fully branded with your company name and logo, tailored to your needs which can reach your staff team anywhere via email, your website, social media and more. Employee Exit Surveys like all survey can also be done anonymously making it easier for them to speak the truth.

MCW Nursery Support Services will not only create you a perfect survey, we will manage all responses and provide you with a dynamic report detailing the findings, highlighting both your highs and low points. This report can help you make the important discussion on what to do next and turn their feedback into positive change.

Areas of an Employee Exit Survey may include:

  • Main Reason for leaving
  • Period of service
  • Were Expectation Met
  • Managerial Support
  • Sufficient Training
  • Induction Process
  • And More...

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