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Settling In Survey

Starting at a nursery is a big change for a child and parents so making that process as smooth as possible, for everyone involved, must be a high priority. Many different types of businesses rely on surveys to uncover answers to important questions and find out what their customer actually thinks of the service or product they are supplying.

Surveys are a great way to do that and they can also provoke important discussion and provide objective information, which could help you make some important business decisions. One of the best ways to get parents to engage with their child’s education and overall learning experience is through a survey which can capture their honest feedback.

Getting it right from the very start will only enhance the experience for the child and cement the relationship between your nursery and the family. Parent feedback will not only help contribute positively to their child’s learning experience, but it can also let you know how well you are doing and contribute to your overall success. By sharing their opinions, parents provide useful insights that may otherwise go unnoticed and can also show Ofsted, and other regulatory bodies, that you are working in partnership with your parents. Settling In Surveys ensure you are doing just that.

A Settling In Survey will provide you with essential feedback from all your parents/careers on keys elements of settling in process. MCW Nursery Support Services can create you a professional, bespoke survey, fully branded with your company name and logo, tailored to your needs which can reach your parents anywhere via email, your website, social media and more.

MCW Nursery Support Services will not only create you a perfect survey, we will manage all responses and provide you with a dynamic report detailing the findings, highlighting both your highs and low points. This report can help you make the important discussion on what to do next and improve the service you provide.

Areas covered by a Settling In Survey may include:

  • Marketing
  • Registration Process
  • Settling Sessions
  • Time Frames
  • Communication
  • Feeling Ready to Start
  • And More...

Using surveys, you will be able to determine in advance which policies and decisions parents will not support, saving you time and energy down the road. Parents are also able to stay informed of changes that may affect them.

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